Repair of brake systems

Many cars today have front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. And all brakes depend on the friction that a brake pad or brake shoe offers to slow down and stop your car. To stop a wheel, a disc brake uses a brake caliper equipped with brake pads to grip a rotating disc or rotor. A drum brake has a wheel cylinder that presses a brake shoe against the inside of a rotating drum.

Denver brake systems are relatively simple and incredibly efficient technologies, but if they require the attention of a mechanic, give some warning signs. For example, a low or soft pedal may mean that there is air in the hydraulic system. A sense of pulsation in the brake pedal or the movement of the wheel when braking is also an indication of a problem. A red brake warning light that remains on may indicate an imbalance in your hydraulic system or a lack of fluid.

And while some sounds are normal brakes, crunching, squeaking and uninterrupted grinding of noise, it's almost always time for new pads or shoes. If you notice any irregularities in the brakes, it is a good idea to have them checked by a brake system specialist.
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Your vehicle owner's manual includes a maintenance program that keeps your brakes in good condition. The next is the easiest way to avoid costly repairs to brake systems and the possibility of catastrophic failures in brake systems. At least you should inspect your brakes every year.

Our repair service for brake systems:

Replace buffer
Replacement of the coating
spare tube
wheel cylinder
master cylinder
emergency brakes
brake drums
brake discs
Anti-lock braking systems

Why is it important to flush the brake fluid?

Flushing brake fluids is one of the most neglected car care services. Many homeowners do not even realize that a brake fluid discharge is an item that should be on your list, and some others think that your mechanic is trying to use them or sell a useless service when it's empty. Brake fluid is recommended. Brake fluid in a vehicle should be flushed regularly to avoid costly repairs to the brake system.

Unfortunately, the vehicle manufacturers have released the brake fluid service from their maintenance plan. We suspect that this is because manufacturers have tried to reduce the apparent costs of long-term vehicle maintenance to make their products more attractive. This is not a big problem in the early years, but as the economy suffers and many people choose to keep their vehicles longer, maintaining brake fluid becomes important.

The brake fluid should be rinsed regularly as it is a hygroscopic fluid, meaning that it will easily absorb and retain moisture. It may sound a bit strange at first, but that's exactly what we want with the brake fluid. Since many components of the brake system are made of metal, we can quickly see that moisture is the enemy. The brake fluid, which absorbs moisture that enters the system and holds the system, helps prevent corrosion due to moisture and failure of the internal components of the brake system. However, even the highest quality brake fluid can only store a large amount of moisture so it must be periodically flushed out of the system and replaced with new fluid.

There are special test strips and similar items to help you determine when to replace the fluid. However, the best method is to analyze the color of the brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir of your vehicle. The new / clean brake fluid is bright with a very light yellow hue. The brake fluid, which has reached its useful life and requires changes, has a deeper amber color (in some cases even brown). The use of a flashlight can be helpful to understand the condition of the brake fluid. Use the flashlight to shine through the master cylinder of the most advanced vehicles. For older vehicles with metal master cylinder tanks, turn on the light from above and look through the liquid at the bottom of the tank. If the liquid has an intense amber hue, the liquid is ready to be back

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