electronic throttle control system

electronic throttle control system

control gas power in engine performance

    What does electronic throttle control system does ?

More and more vehicles are removing the mechanical throttle cable between the driver's foot and the throttle body of the engine, replacing it with a electronic throttle control system. In this system, an accelerator pedal sensor sends data to an electronic accelerator control computer, which evaluates and re transmits the acceleration request to an electronic engine specialized in the engine accelerator.

The electronic throttle control system opens or closes the throttle itself, increasing or decreasing the output of the engine. warning light comes on when a problem is detected in the electronic throttle system.

Can I drive with the gas control indicator?

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When the engine is first started, the electronic system of the throttle body performs a self-test. During this time, the electronic control display of the throttle control lights up. This is usually a yellow icon that turns off in 1 to 3 seconds when everything is normal. If the light does not go out, there is a fault in the electronic throttle system.

How do I fix this throttle control light?

If the electronic throttle control system is illuminated during takeoff or while driving, a fault will occur in the system. If the vehicle is still functioning normally, have the vehicle diagnosed and inspected by a qualified workshop as soon as possible as the vehicle may not be able to drive. If the electronic throttle indicator light illuminates and the throttle response becomes irregular, tow your vehicle. vehicle in this condition is not safe.



If the vehicle is equipped with an electronic throttle and an empty battery, do not start the vehicle. The electronic throttle indicator light illuminates after an emergency start because programming on the electronic throttle computer can be disturbed by the high voltage and current of an emergency start.

Often, the electronic display will turn on after an emergency start and the performance of the vehicle will worsen over time until it stops working. For example, if an electronically controlled gas vehicle has a flat battery and the headlights are on, it is recommended to have a slow or medium charge with the key out of the ignition. This allows computers to slowly collect their energy without being affected again.

Computers in a modern vehicle are somewhat active, even when the key is off and the engine is off.

General information: Gas control light

The first cable propulsion systems were introduced to allow multi-throttle engines, as most V12s have precise and coordinated throttle control. Having multiple throttle cables was less effective and lacked precision. The need for more precision became necessary as emissions standards became stricter.

As manufacturers developed traction control systems, it became necessary to actively participate in the process of opening or closing the throttle in the throttle body of the engine. When a wheel begins to slip, the engine must turn off the power to allow the wheel to resume traction. This process must be done several times a second, which is impossible for the average driver. Therefore, a computerized electronic acceleration control system has been developed for this work

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