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Tino Torres Auto Repair is your primary source for fast and reliable automated repair and maintenance services. Since 1992, we have been offering affordable price all cragin park area for your  domestic and foreign auto services to save you time and money. Close to Cragin Park in Chicago, Illinois, we use the latest equipment to service and inspect your vehicle. We want to build a lasting relationship with you and we will always make sure you understand exactly what will happen to your vehicleAs a full-service, locally managed, Chicago-based auto repair company, we can work any size that is efficient and affordable. We are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to be Chicago's leading resource for the automotive industry. In addition to these unexpected repairs, we also offer preventive or factory recommended maintenance We are located in Chicago's Belmont Cragin  neighborhood, near Hanson Park and Hermosa Park. Residents in these areas call us their favorite auto repair shop in Belmont Cragin. This resulted in worship as a disciple. Many Hermosa park residents are also our loyal customers. In terms of ratings and ratings, not only are we regularly ranked as the premier auto repair center at Belmont Cragin Park, we also offer  Affordable prices in the neighborhood.

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Affordable prices
Among auto garages in Chicago we offer affordable prices for all our customers. We also have special offers for customers for the first time. Make sure you ask her. Our prices are often less than 30% of what a reseller should normally charge.


Total satisfaction is our goal:
We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our work, that we can guarantee you a service for all our work. Our experienced, knowledgeable  and friendly technicians are also qualified to perform scheduled maintenance without any warranty whatsoever. This means that you can get affordable, high-quality car repairs in Chicago without having to go straight to the dealer. Take a look at our exclusive promotions to save even more money every season