Arе уоu concerned аbоut уоur vehicle maintenance? Hеrе аrе ѕоmе good tips tо kеер уоur car оn the road аnd оut оf the shop.

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Your car goes everywhere you wish to, without whining ever. May be, you are leading a modern life-style and you are exceedingly active;

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Cars of different make and model require different levels of technical understanding. At Auto Repair Tino in Chicago, the root idea is to understand vehicles as a complex mechanical setup.

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Auto Repair Tino in Chicago can handle all

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Cars of different make and model require different levels of technical understanding. At Auto Repair Chicago, the root idea is to understand vehicles as a complex mechanical setup. If you can comprehend in depth what goes wrong and how, the repair work itself becomes a lot easier.
This is one reason why we are able to work on any kind of breakdown. Yes, for the purpose, we are guided well by the latest technical gadgets like the engine analyzer tools, transmission propellers and so on. Also, our workforce includes only the ASE certified members.Read more



Auto Repair tino Chicago is a full service vehicle repair shop situated at the northwestern fringes of Chicago city (Zip- IL 60639). We have successfully completed 2 decades in business. The company is being owned by Tino Torres and family. Prior to this, our owner Tino had worked over 10 years as a trainer and as an independent auto repair recruit to gain experience of the industry. This helped us in opening our own auto repair shop.

We are professionally very sound and keep up with the latest that is happening over the automotive industry. Having said this, our focus remains bringing the best of technology to you in the way that you can conceive it. In other words, we are very attentive to our customers and talk about the technical lingo in layman’s terms. This allows us to better explain to them what we are working on and how will it help them


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24 Hour Emergency Towing
Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday: 7:30 am - Noon
Night Drop Available

Auto Repair Chicago has made a distinct name for itself in the last two decades of its existence. Run by Mr Tiny Torres and family, the company located in north-western side of Chicago is among the most reputed domestic auto repair firms. One reason why it has done so well is its adaptability. With changing times, it has also changed considerably and aligned latest technical upgrades with its repair works.

Its entire staff force boasts of ASE certification and the company is honored with an ASE Seal of Excellence. In fact, Auto Repair Chicago has also been voted as the Number 1 Auto Repair Shop in Chicago. These accolades and laurels have however not changed the way the company sees its business.

It remains ever so humble and stuck to the roots while serving its clients. The cliché “we treat you as we would like to be treated” works singularly for the company and can be thought of as its mission.

Auto Repair Chicago understands that each customer may not be technically blessed. Thus its estimate advisors and repairmen aim to explain things to a customer in the most laymen’s way possible. Often, the people who come to the repair shop after a breakdown or damage are not in the best of emotional state. At this time, the last thing they want to hear is technical jargon and the last thing they want to see is unfriendly faces. The workforce here completely understands this and unfailingly offers a friendly hand.

Repairmen first act as attentive listeners understanding each angle of the customer’s story. This helps them to gain some footing in a case. After that, they conduct their independent investigation and offer their inferences only when they are fully satisfied with their enquiry of the machine.

The news for your vehicle might turn out to be good or bad but in any event, two things you can expect from people out here are Truth and Solutions. Even if the vehicle is not in a sound condition, they have the technical gifts to recreate the pre-breakdown state of your vehicle. It does not matter whether you are talking about your truck or SUV or a small or mid segment car; people working at Auto Repair Chicago will always be able to aid you effectively.

The prices charged are also below the industry standards and the company considers long-term happiness of a client as its primary goal. The same rules of cost-effective pricing apply whether your car is of a domestic, European or Asian make and model.

Vehicles often require a mini repair but at other times they may also need a complete reshuffle. Often, the diagnosis itself is so complicated that it takes some time to accurately analyze it. However it stands as, Auto Repair Chicago repairmen are deft at evaluating the problem and working out a solution for you.

The company picks and delivers vehicles up to a large radius of 4 miles and offers warranties on all its repair works.

773 889 4329
2601 N Laramie ave Chicago IL 60639